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sb6141 end of life? best modems

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sb6141 end of life? best modems

So, if someon ehas under 300 mbs donload, and no or few ac wireless devices and does not plan to pay fopr GB internet which cable modem roputer (or gateway) do you suggest? 

is this not a fair article to explain such including docsis 3.0 vs 3.1?


Re: sb6141 end of life? best modems

First of all, unless you have good reason to, it's always better to keep your modem and router separate - that way should you need to upgrade one part, you don't have to replace a combo unit. 

Second, router firmware have to be constantly upgraded because of security issues, and having a combo unit makes this way more difficult as it's not always clear who has the responbisiblity of updating - your ISP, or the manufacturer. 

Lastly, that article completely misses some very good units out there, and it doesn't always explain differences properly. For one thing, DOCSIS 3.1 incorporates some essential new features like OFDM, Forward Error Correction and Advanced Queue Management, which improves reliability and connectivity. Plus the author makes some really inane pronouncements like this:

I know renting a modem/router device is always possible, usually directly via the ISP. But, Most of the time these combo devices are outdated and slow. I don’t think simultaneously multiple devicesheavy-gaming, and 4k streaming going to be possible with them.


Which is frankly news to me, as I've had both my own modems (including the DOCSIS 3.1 ARRIS SB8200 and Netgear CM1150V) and my current Comcast XB6-A, and I've had no issues with multiple devices, heavy gaming, nor 4K streaming.  

And then there's this gem:


The phone connector goes into the modem, and your computer then is attached to the modem with an Ethernet connection.


Author apparently can't tell the difference between a DSL modem and a cable modem. 


Here's my two cents: It's fine to do research on the web, but remember what Ronald Reagan said: "Trust, but verify". 



As for my recommendation? Avoid any modem that's not 16x4 or faster, avoid combo units, invest in the best router as you can get with your modem and update its software when possible. 

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Re: sb6141 end of life? best modems

@joecopp wrote: ... is this not a fair article to explain such including docsis 3.0 vs 3.1? ...

No. As stated, the article is poorly written. won't explain much or tell you which modem you should buy, but it will tell you which modems Comcast approves for a given speed tier. You'll need to know as you make your selection.


It's usually best to pick a device capable of speeds a notch or two above your current speed, as Comcast bumps plan speeds every year or two even if you don't upgrade.


The single biggest difference between DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 is perhaps that Comcast requires 3.1 for Gigabit service. For more, see