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printer issue

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printer issue

My Canon MX430 printer is connecting to one of 3 pods in my house.  However, i normally use a different connection for my computer.  This causes the computer to think the printer is offline.  How do i get the printer to always connect to the same place as the computer?




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Re: printer issue

Same problem and I was searching for a few days.   I found a solution on HP site! 


You need to split the 2.4 and 5G networks on your xfi network.  It can be done on xfinity wifi website.   Split the network ( and rename 2.4), and then try to connect your printers again.   My printer found the new name for 2.4 network.  I used the password and I'm back online.   


HP says you can merge the two networks back on xfi when done, but when I did it went back offline.  So I repeated the steps and kept them seperate on xfi.  


I wish I would have kept the HP link, but it was fairly easy to find. 


Re: printer issue

FWIW, the bands can't be split when using the Xfinity pods as they are.

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