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ethernet connections died, but not wifi

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ethernet connections died, but not wifi

This morning 9/2/2020 7am the router's ethernet connections stopped working.  They were working yesterday 9/1/2020 at about 10pm. 


I have two different computers using wired ethernet connections and both are not working.  They have different operating systems and different makes of ethernet cards.  Neither were updated in the last week.


WiFi is partially working (otherwise i would not be able to write this), but i am only able to access about 30% of the sites i normally visit.   All others error out as "not found".  I can find them with my phone browser so i know 2/3 of the internet isn't down.


I've rebooted the router and had the bot reset the modem remotely.  nothing changed either time.  The comcast chat bot said i would be called soon, but that was 4 hours ago.


The 800 phone number will not let me reach technical support and told me that i will get a call in about 2-3 hours.  That was 2 hours ago.