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can only access some sites IPV4 IVP6

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can only access some sites IPV4 IVP6

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I could not seem to post a private message, so I am posting this with your contacts.


A technician was at our home last night .  We are not able to access the internet via any browser on any of our devices (dell desktop, iPad, iPhone and 2 HP laptops).  He was aware of this megathread and and asked me to send you this post with our CMAC address from the modem: CMAC: F88B372B0B68 


Been through 3 modems, 4 phone call and 2 technicians.  So, happy the one last night knew waht he was doing and was current on this problem!  


Please let me know any help you can provide. Thank you!




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Re: can only access some sites IPV4 IVP6

I am wondering if this is my problem. I can access google, Wikipedia, facebook. But not, my bank, citi, and any google link for search results. Tech support was a joke and told me to contact each website I cannot access to ask them to remove ssl because it is a problem on my end.