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Xfinitywifi Question

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Xfinitywifi Question

Hello All,


I have a quick question in regards to comcast hot spot wifi connect. I have a old cell phone and tablet that I am selling it was connected to xfinitywifi under my account so I can use on the road.

I have reset both of them to factory stettings yet it still will connect to xfinitywifi without prompting for a password. I have also tried forget under the wifi settings yet it still connects without password. I have also reset my acount password yet it still will connect without password.


Any suggestions on how to fix ?





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Re: Xfinitywifi Question

Hi, try this if you haven't yet.


Signon to Xfinity website , select MyAccount on the top nav bar

Select Settings on MyAccount's nav bar

Select Internet on the left side column menu

Scroll down to "Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Connected Devices ", & select Manage Devices

Remove any listed devices that you want removed



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Re: Xfinitywifi Question

tyvm for the help will try