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Xfinity secure wifi hotspots

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Xfinity secure wifi hotspots

How do I get my Android phone to connect to secure Xfinity wifi hotspots?


I have installed the Xfinity Hotspots app. I open it and sign in and then all it does is show me a map of the area. If I select the preference to "automatically choose best connection" then I get signed on to an unsecure xfinitywifi network. That's not what I want. I want a secure XFINITY hotspot.


I can actually sign on to the unsecure xfinitywifi network manually, without even using the Hotspots app, so I'm not sure what the app is doing? But I can't find a way to sign on to a secure XFINITY hotspot.


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Re: Xfinity secure wifi hotspots

I've been trying to figure out the same thing. The Comcast help seems to imply that if you are logged into the hotspot app, it will automatically sign into the secure hotspot.

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Re: Xfinity secure wifi hotspots

So, nobody knows? I've done a lot of searching in the past couple of weeks and I still can't find an answer.


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Re: Xfinity secure wifi hotspots

Setup Secure Connection -

From Settings -> Wi-Fi -> select "XFINITY"

From Network Setting,

Enter 'TTLS' for EAP method.

Enter 'GTC' as your Phase 2 authentication

Choose the certificate dropdown and choose “use system certificates.”

For the domain, type “”

Enter your Comcast username and password for your identity/password

Click 'Connect'

Re-enter Comcast username and/or password. You may also name your device.

You will need to do this at every separate Xfinity Hotspot you encounter - also after long periods of inactivity at the same one.
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Re: Xfinity secure wifi hotspots

Not an ideal solution since I would have to perform all those steps every time I switch to a new secure hotspot? Yikes. Not good for someone out on the road all day.


Anyway, I tried the steps and it didn't work. Actually, there was no place to enter the domain at all. Just EAP, Phase 2, CA cert, and identity/password. I click Connect and it tries to connect and fails.



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Re: Xfinity secure wifi hotspots

This is my current config that allows my LG V20 to auto connect to the secured XFINITY hotspot. I only had to set it up 1 time. But it's been a few months since I set it up so I'm not 100% on every detail so let me know how it goes.

If you have never connected to an xfinity hotspot before then follow these steps. If you have already connected to one and installed the Hotspot app then you should be fine to skip those steps.

• Connect to the open "xfinitywifi" hotspot.
• Sign into the notification using your Comcast username and password. You may also name your device.
• Click 'Google Play' to install xfinity's Hotspot app and sign in.
• Connect to "XFINITY" hotspot in wifi list and pick:
• EAP method - "TTLS"
• Phase 2 authentication - "PAP"
• CA certificate - "XFINITY_WPA_EAP_TTLS_PAP"
• Identity - Comcast username.
• Password - Comcast password.
• Anonymous identity - leave blank.
• Then Connect

*If you don't see "XFINITY_WPA_EAP_TTLS_PAP" CA certificate, then reinstall Hotspot app and sign in. If the CA cert still doesn't show up then pick "unspecified" to connect. Then see if the CA cert shows up afterward.*

*Remember to use the same name+password at each sign in.*

Also remember you need a lockscreen on your phone to connect to the secured XFINITY hotspot.