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Xfinity scheduled maintenance for “network enhancement” wrecked my internet service

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Xfinity scheduled maintenance for “network enhancement” wrecked my internet service

I received notice last week that Comcast would be shutting off services for several hours on a particular day for “network enhancement.” Fine, no big deal. Maintenance time passes and things should be back up and running but then there are outages reported in all services—TV, internet, voice. A couple hours later, the outage is reported as resolved, except I still have no internet connection.

Prior to this maintenance, I was subscribed to Blast internet and had a fairly new gateway that had been working well as delivering consistent, reasonable speed. After the maintenance and outage, none of my devices could establish a connection, either via Ethernet or WiFi, despite the gateway showing as “online.” On rare occasion, a device would manage to connect, but the mbps was so low it basically held at ~0. I tried all the usual troubleshooting steps: restart via app, power cycle, restart my other devices, calling Comcast and having their automated system remotely reset my modem (three times). Nothing worked. Agents I spoke to on the phone would tell me my gateway was saying it was connected, but all I was getting on my end were errors and either near-nonexistent speed or no connection at all. It was like this for five days with no change.

When a technician came to check things out, he said something had gone wrong with the software in my gateway modem after the Comcast maintenance. I’m not in IT, so apologies for my lack of detail. He replaced my modem, all of my cables, and made sure things outside were set up properly. He did extensive tests to make sure it was working, and it was a definite improvement.

The new modem performed fine for the rest of the day with minimal hiccups in connection (which is basically normal for Comcast). However today, I have begun experiencing short periods of lost connection on my WiFi devices and frequent loss of connection on my Ethernet-wired device.

Xfinity speed test on WiFi device shows reasonable speed, within expectations for the Blast plan I’m on. But my Xbox One, which is wired to the gateway via Ethernet cable, is experiencing wildly fluctuating download speeds. Downloads would go from 200mbps to 30mbps and finally to zero and would sit there at zero for a minute, and then suddenly shoot back up to 100mbps. The connection is still more stable with the new replacement gateway modem than my previous one, but I am at a loss as to why my Xbox is still having issues of speed dropping off so suddenly and frequently. Are there any troubleshooting measures specific to Ethernet wired connection that I should look into? Is this just Xfinity experiencing a service problem that’s (hopefully) temporary? Why would my ethernet connection be having more trouble with download speeds than my WiFi? What the heck did Comcast do during their “network enhancement” that destabilized my internet connection so badly? That’s a rhetorical question but still. I’m very frustrated and don’t know what else to do on my end. I want my semi-reliable, reasonably-speedy-for-my-needs Blast internet that I pay so much money for back.
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Re: Xfinity scheduled maintenance for “network enhancement” wrecked my internet service

I know this is late but Xbox for me has always been like that with any internet. It goes in and out from 400mbps to 20-30