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Xfinity Pods are Putrid Garbage

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Xfinity Pods are Putrid Garbage

I have 3 pods and one of them is always going offline at random. It’s not always the same one either.

Oh the joys of losing a conference call because the magic pod goblin has decided to take the pod you’re connected to offline.

I have the latest and greatest gateway router and a gig download speed, but the pod goblin cares not and still attacks with random-merciless-timing.

Xfinity knows about the problem, a quick search of the form proves it. Does Xfinity care or have answers for this problem? No, no they don’t. Their answer to this problem is to continually press the “unplug, plug in, and see if that fixes it” answer button while wholeheartedly ignoring the problem in hopes the pod goblin leaves of its own accord.