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Xbox One Gaming - High Latency/Ping & "Hitching" Issues (Rocket League)

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Xbox One Gaming - High Latency/Ping & "Hitching" Issues (Rocket League)

Hello, I hope all is well. I recently moved into a new apartment complex and was unable to activate service via self install. Required a technician to come out and activate services and make 3 coax ports "hot" (I believe this means connection running through properly, sorry if I am incorrect here). Plan is 300 Mbps.



High latency/Ping that will jump from 76 to 130-575 every couple minutes. Additionally, and the main cause of concern, is what I can best describe as a hitch or skip (like a cd skipping) every 30 seconds or so. This afternoon, my in game ping was around 39-45, but the hitching issue was still constant and makes games unplayable. Main game is Rocket League, but occurs on any game. Rocket League also has in-game connection indicators via OSD notifcations. These include notifcations whenever packet loss, latency variation, unstable connection, and disconnect/ total-loss of connection occurs. This hitching/skipping does not render any of these notifcations to display, but every 30 minutes or so I experience latency varation/complete disconnect notifcations for around 10 seconds. The main issue I would like to resolve is this hitch/skip that is going undetected. My best guess after reading other forums is an issue on Xfinity's side. Also, might require in-person technical support to fix coax ports in the home and externally in the complex (sorry if this is incorrect language). Device details/specs and troubleshooting attempts listed below. Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated, and please let me know if you are experiencing similar issues. Thank you!


Xbox One X is connected directly to Arris TG1682G Modem via ethernet cable (Cat 5e). It is the only device connected to the network. Have tried serveral different troubleshooting tips to no avail. These include modem resets (Xfinity's go-to), hooking up to different coax ports in the home, complete factory reset, hard-reset on the console and different ethernet cables. Thanks for any help and take care.