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XFi Pods Make Internet Worse, Not Better

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XFi Pods Make Internet Worse, Not Better

When we set up wi-fi in our hosue after switching to Comcast, we had some areas of our small house that had weak signal.  I went to the Xfinity webiste and found they suggested adding Pods.  What a mistake!!

For about a month, they worked fine.  Signal strength was good everywhere and access speeds were good.  Then...disaster!  Pods began to randomaly lose connections, causing devices using them to also lose connection.  And when they were connected, download speeds dropped to around 15mbps despite our plan speed of 1,000mbps.  If I unplugged a pod that was acting up, connections became reliable, but speeds remained atrocious.

Worked with Comcast support over many days and many hours to try to fix.  All the rumors you've heard about how bad support is at Comcast are true.  It is nearly impossible to get to a living being and when you do, they literally can do nothing.  After escalating to a supervisor, he decided the issue was our XFi gateway so he sent a new one.  That solved the problem for about a week.

Then the Pods began acting up again.  I again worked through the Hades of support to try to exchange the Pods.  From that, I got a message saying I could take them to my local Xfinity storre where they would gladly exchange them. WRONG!!!  Store personnel can only open a support ticket and promise someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Did that happen?  NO!!!  No contact from Comcast until I went back throgh the online support chat to get a numebr to call.  I called that number to check on the status of the support ticket.  What do you know, support personnel can't actually check on support tickets.  While on hold with the support line, I got a call from the Pods team telling me they were sending me new Pods and would charge my account.  I didn't want to be charged, I wanted to exchange these pieces of garbage under the one year warranty.

The new Pods arrived.  Problem solved?  No.  Download speeds dropped into single digits.  I've now removed all pods and want to return all of them.  But I can't because Comczast support doesn't respond.

I've tried to contact the Executive VP of Customer Experience for Xfinity.  It seemed I might be getting somewhere when his office responded that I should get a call from the regional executive team within 72 hours.  That was six days ago.  I've emailed the Exec VPs team again.  No response.


If you have issues with wi-fi in your home, buy your own wi-fi router and/or range extenders instead of using the garbage sold by Xfinity.

You have been warned.

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Re: XFi Pods Make Internet Worse, Not Better

Exact same issue with my Xfi pods. Regardless of how many times you reset the modem, and/or reset your WiFi settings on tablets or phones the signal either never connects or, in rare cases, connects but then is lost shortly after.
Not impressed at all with these things.....