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XB7 slow compared to XB6

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XB7 slow compared to XB6

Update:  After two days the XB7 is performing at about the same speed as the XB6 that it replaced.  Netuptime Monitor showed that the internet had been continuously active so the modem was not reset nor power cycled.  I have no idea why the performance improved.


Original Post: I just installed an XB7 to replace the XB6 that I had.  The wifi is much slower than the XB6.  Testing from the same locations, speedtest shows phone download speeds are about half as fast (130 Gbps with XB7 vs. 380 Gbps with XB6) and similarly about half as fast upload speeds (15 to 20 with XB7 vs. 41 with XB6).  Download speeds using a laptop dropped from 240-300 to 130-150.  Upload speeds on the laptop dropped from 41 to 15-25.  All tests were using the 5 GHz wifi band.  The ethernet connections have not suffered as much but vary more than when using the XB6.  Download the XB7 varies from 900 to 940 when it used to be consistently 950 with the XB6.  Upload with the XB7 is now 35 to 40 when it was always 41 with the XB6.


All of these speeds are after a Comcast representative provisioned the modem.  I had to call Comcat since after it was first installed the upload speed for wired and wireless was a pitiful 6 Gbps.  


Has anyone else experienced this?  Should I just go back to the better performing XB6 or should I ask for another XB7?


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Re: XB7 slow compared to XB6

Just installed XB7 today and yes, the performance is slower than XB6.


I have 1Gbps service plan. 

With XB6, I usually got ~850Mbps download and ~40Mbps up.

With XB7, I now get ~600Mbps download and ~40 Mbps up.


I am using Bridge Mode. I saw somewhere that is recommending 'reset'. I plan to try that over the weekend to see if that fixes the issue.


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Re: XB7 slow compared to XB6

Go back to the XB6. I had the XB6 and had no problems with my 1 gig speed, wired is 800-900mbs and wifi is 350-400mbs. I for some dumb reason got the XB7 anyway and immediately noticed slower wifi speeds of 150-250mbs on multiple devices, even my Note 20 Ultra 5G, even tho the connection was wifi 6. The worst part was at random times during the day I would notice everything would buffer or not load, I would run a speed test, and to my amazement I was literally getting 1-5mbs. This went on for 2 weeks, I tried everything, multiple factory resets, separating 2.4 and 5ghz, nothing helped. I switched back to the XB6 and wallah, everything is back to normal, no wifi issues at all. I'm not running out to get the latest gateway anymore, unless I see very little issues on forums in the future.
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Re: XB7 slow compared to XB6

I just got the Xb7 and find it faster then the Xb6 on WiFi, my I have older iOS devices and get 600+ download speeds, also my Linux computers get a consistent 600+ also, my wired speeds are the same, I find it is better then the Xb6 except for the grayed out options in the admin panel, also I got a rock solid connection, no disconnects