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XB7 and Maximum CAT-6 Run

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XB7 and Maximum CAT-6 Run



I currently have an XB-7 Gateway as some of you may know and have recently cut the cord with Cable. The $200+ bill was killing me since I've recentlly retired. I've retained Comcast Blast internet and hardwired I am pulling 200Mbps over a ~50 run and roughly 90Mbps over Wifi.


The XB-7 is in the Living Room. The bedroom is approximatly 30' away and when watching YouTube TV, Hulu, etc., there's too much buffering. I purchased a Netgear EX7000 Extender and while that has helped certain shows are taking forever to load.


At this point I am inclined to run CAT-6 from the XB-7 directly to the TV. However, it will have to go from the XB-7, down and across the basement and up into the bedroom. I may be looking at 100' when factoring in all the twists and turns.


After 40 years in IT (Lockheed, Raytheon, Qualcomm) as a Network Administrator I shoulld know this answer but I don't know Comcast product stone cold: is ~100 ' of CAT-6 too much of a run? Some signal will obviously be lost but I can test that prior to doing all the drilling, etc.


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Re: XB7 and Maximum CAT-6 Run

Cat6 is good for 328 feet no matter what the equipment is.

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