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XB7 - Offline Devices and Port Forwarding

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XB7 - Offline Devices and Port Forwarding


Recently I upgraded my home’s Comcast Gateway  to one of the newest models available in the state of New Mexico, it is a XB7, model number CGM4331COM. It has been working well for TV and Internet and phone calls, but it is still a very frustrating experience when it comes to port management.


I have a number of IP-based security cameras that I need to view “remotely” [when I am not in the presence of my home network]. This ability requires that I port-forward the IP addresses of these cameras within the gateway.


The cameras are working fine when I am at home and they are using either a wireless or wired network connection. However, my gateway lists these cameras as “Offline Devices” despite the fact that they are working perfectly, except for remote viewing. Devices that the gateway recognizes as Offline Devices cannot be added to the list of forwarded ports.


I have restarted the gateway. I have told the gateway to “forget the devices”, and then reinstalled  the devices. Neither worked (on multiple occasions) to get the gateway to recognize the cameras as Online Devices.


I need someone at Tech Support to tell me the “magic steps” to make the gateway “recognize” an Offline Device and transition it to an Online Device, so that I can open the ports for “remote viewing”.