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XB7 Gateway connection to Network switch issues

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XB7 Gateway connection to Network switch issues

So I just changed over from ATT Uverse to Xfi for my internet and TV services. I have a Netgear JGS516PE 16 port (8 POE) Smart managed switch to allow for hardwire connectivity from my security system, Smart TVs (3) and Ubiquiti AC AP Pro's (3). It was simple plug n play when I connected to the UVerse gateway, but it doesn't appear to be the same for connectivity to the XB7.

Everything was working fine when the switch was connected to the Uverse gateway, however, when I connected it to the XB7, I keep getting sporadic connectivity for the network switch attached devices. I also receive sporadic messages when connecting to the UniFI AP that shows connection, but no internet access.

I am also getting sporadic freezes on my wireless TV boxes as well.

I did a factory reset on the network switch thinking that may resolve the issue with no luck. I have also reset the gateway with no luck. It appears to me to be a gateway issue since it worked fine wihen I had Uverse service and also worked fine when I previously had an Xfinity XB6 gateway.

Does anyone have any insight/advice as to connecting a network switch to the XB7gateway or should I just go to the Xfinity store and swap out the XB7 gateway?