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Wifi frequently disconnects randomly at least 10X or more a day!!!!

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Wifi frequently disconnects randomly at least 10X or more a day!!!!

 I have my internet connection drops frequently (up to 10X a day). This started on August 31, 2020, per a suggestion from a comcast representative my modem was old and couldn't keep up with xfinity updates. I went to xfinity store got the new gateway modem and installed it. I have been having worse connection issues than with my old modem. I have called xfinity several times (at least 6) and everytime I call, they ask me to restart the modem.  When I restart the modem, it connects back and sometimes it connects back but then hours and sometimes minutes later wifi is disconnectd again. This is really frustrating and annoying especially while working from home due to COVID situation.  I am a teacher and have lost connection during the Teams video conferencing meetings, kids lose connectivity to online classroom and at times it takes up 30 minutes to restart everything.


Most of the representatives I talk to are very nice and they do whatever it is they do to try and solve the problem and then assure me that this time my problem is solved and I believe them and have faith that their solution will work, but so far nothing they have done has worked. I have spent several hours on the phone and chatting with agents online to get my issues solved but to no avail. I explained to one of the representatives that I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown from the frustration and anxiety this is causing me but alas I talked myself into remaining calm. I would appreciate any kind of assistance/resolution to this apparently common problem.  Thanks. 


Re: Wifi frequently disconnects randomly at least 10X or more a day!!!!

Is this with a WiFi connection ? If so, for a test, does a computer / device hardwired directly to the router / gateway device with an ethernet cable have the same problem ?


With this test, we are trying to isolate this from being either a WiFi-only problem or a problem with the general connection to the Comcast system which would of course affect both. It's a good first step of troubleshooting before we proceed any further.

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