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Wifi dropping out multiple times a day, many "Consecutive T3 timeouts" Error Log

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Wifi dropping out multiple times a day, many "Consecutive T3 timeouts" Error Log

Hello, I am pretty good with technology, but only somewhat familiar with networking so you may need to ask me for more information.


The problem: Ever since I moved into my apartment last August, my wifi has been dropping out multiple times a day, seemingly randomly. It seems to have gotten worse. It only stays out for between 3 minutes and 12 minutes, and restarting the router/modem does not effect how long it takes to come back online. If I had to guess, it happens about 4-6 times a day average, and as much as 20 times a day maximum. Devices on both the Wifi and plugged directly into the Router lose connection. I have a Netgear C7000v2, which is a combo Modem/Router, and it is updated to the latest firmware. 


I have done the following troubleshooting steps: restarting the router when the problem occurs, not using a splitter on the wall jack, resetting the router to factory, updating the router, contacting Xfinity support (four times) and they "refreshed the signals", and looking through the router settings for any reason why it wouldn't be functioning correctly, to no avail. 


Here is the event log:

Here is the upstream and downstream channel signals:

The Wifi dropped out at about 10:50am, 11:10am, 11:25am, and 12:18pm. 


In the event log, I see there are a lot of consecutive T3 timeout errors. Although I do not have access to a second known-good router to test, I have noted that even while the wifi is down, the router itself can still be accessed as Admin within the local network and says that its connection is not functional, suggesting to me that the problem lies somewhere else. I attempted to find the SNR, but I was unable to on my router. If you would like that info and can help me find it, I would appreciate it. 


Thank you in advance for the help!

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Re: Wifi dropping out multiple times a day, many "Consecutive T3 timeouts" Error Log

I am having the exact same situation whereby my internet connection freezes and drops packets randomly throughout the day. It's been going on for over 6 months. I've had several techs come to change the wiring, splitters, grounding, and eve changing the wire from the tap on the street to the house.  I've even rebuilt the OS on my computer, purchased a new modem and wifi router as their support tells me it must be your personal equipment. None of these resolved my the intermittent drops. That's great that you were able to identify the T3 timeouts. It wasn't until I contacted Netgear that they say T3 and T4 timeouts are line issues with the ISP. I finally had a tech come out that was honest and said that the shared bandwidth of the neighborhood was over subscribed and he showed me the meter with over 90% usage. Until Comcast pulls more backbone lines to the neighborhood and rebalance the user load, we will continue to have problems. It's gotten worse whereby internet connectivity is totally lost between 12am-7am and I need to reset my modem several times a day due to uncorrectable errors and packet loss