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WiFi Settings Blocked?

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WiFi Settings Blocked?

Yesterday I wanted to do some testing on different channels because of occasional dropout issues we have experienced.  Esentially, everything works great and a few times a day there can be a 10 second drop.  I have Gigabit FTTH serice on an XB6.


It may have nothing to do with the WiFi but I wanted to run some test.  I discovered the UI on the modem was disabled for the "Advanced" wifi settings.  I tried the app only to not find them avaialable at all.  The app/website management is horrible!


I had a chat support with the agaent and was told the settings I made were incompatable with the modem and that is why they were disabled. ?????


Anyway, the outcome is they are sending an XB7 to fix the "problem".  I've found some posts on reddit mentioning Comcast is blocking these settings so I'm not too confident the model won't be locked down.  


I was able to access the settings about one month ago.