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WIFI calls dropping

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WIFI calls dropping

just upgraded to the XF gateway 1gig and all computers work great but wifi calls are constantly dropping.  this never happen with our old xfinity modem.  the speed is supposed to be faster and it tests faster but 6 minutes into a call it drops.  very frustrated.

 I have been to the xfinity store and they were nice but not very helpful.  everyone in my home is working from home and dropped calls are extremely frustrating.  help!!


I have read other threads and one suggestion is putting the phone into airplane mode which seems odd.  and why would I have to do that?

this only happened when I upgraded my equipment.

xfinity seems to hide all tech support contact so I am reaching out here.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: WIFI calls dropping

I, too, am having issues as you!  can't seem to find the solution and it is indeed very frustrating, especially with the amount of money we pay monthly for services.  If anyone has information that might help, i would greatly appreciate it also!