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Very sketchy first impression

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Very sketchy first impression

I am a new Xfinity customer and after setting up the self-install kit with the TG1682G gateway, I am met with an "offline" status. I've contacted customer support and was transferred to an Activation Team member where I was told the only option to resolve this is to schedule an appointment where a technician will come in-person to "fix" it. I am more than capable of understanding that although they kept saying there is a problem on my end, there is not. Furthermore leaving me no choice but to pay a $39.99 tech-visit fee (which they then lowered to $20) is absurd and I feel they are taking advantage of a new customer who signed up for the 25mbps package. 

A little more information for those who are still reading: the coax cable and power cable are plugged into the wall, the xFi gateway turns on but the Up/Down light blinks on and off, the 2.4Gh and 5Gh randomly go off which leads me to believe that although it's possible, the Gateway is not defective. I'm convinced that paying for a tech to "take a look" at the modem is nothing more than flipping a switch on their end. 

I already have a compatible Netgear gateway coming to replace the xFi one but I feel that this won't change anything because the problem is my account is not activated on Xfinity's end and will stay Offline until I put up a measly $20. Am I the only one who's dealt with an unfriendly welcome or are there others?

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Re: Very sketchy first impression

So, it’s possible that you’re not hooked up to a live coax signal? Walk your house backwards and follow your cable and see what it’s hooked up to, if anything. Is your cable hooked up to a previous provider?

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