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Very Slow Upload Speeds

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Very Slow Upload Speeds

Hi, I have the 300mbps service with Xfinity. Normally I have download speeds of up to 120mbps and upload speeds of 25mbps on WiFi. About 5 days ago, my download speeds are down to 80mbps and upload speeds are at 0.7mbps. I can't work at all with these upload speeds. I have an Arris SB6141 modem with an Amplifi router. I've tried restarting the modem and talking with an Xfinity agent but nothing has helped. I don't know what to do.
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Re: Very Slow Upload Speeds

@Tanveer wrote: ... 300mbps service ... SB6141 modem ...

Please post your modem's signal information, especially downstream power levels and SNR, upstream power levels, and the error log.

Note that the 6141 is only rated by Comcast for use with plan download speeds "Up to 284 Mbps". See Using devices with speed tiers for which they are not approved tends to produce unexpected results.