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Upload speed

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Upload speed

I am extremely frustrated with my service. We live in an area that cell service is nonexistent if you don't have wifi. I'm not sure why because we are in a large metropolitan area. Maybe there's an ordinance against cell towers...

Anyhow, with my wifi we get decent download speeds, and I'm happy with those, but my upload speed is dismal! When I try to send pics on my phone they fail more often than not (sending 1 at a time). I will attempt to send the same picture or message 5 to 10 times before it finally goes through or I just give up.

I ran the xfinity speed test and my upload is in the 5.5 Mbps range. Is there something I can do to remedy this?
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Re: Upload speed

What is your upload supposed to be? What plan are you on?

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