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Upload speed issue started at around 0900 PDT

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Upload speed issue started at around 0900 PDT

 I can no longer work from home as of 0900 because my upload speed is 0.01Mbps.
My download speed is 377Mbps, but without upload speed what good is it.

Yes, I have rebooted my modem and I have in a ticket  and they are "monitoring" it.

Comcast's own speed test website says "Error" on the upload test.
Is Comcast aware that the issue is asymmetrical and so most people may not be reporting it.

Is it just me, did my month old modem really die in such a specific way (working fine except upload is slow not gone) or is there a larger outage and if so what it is the ETA.
Here is a picture of my speed test. 

Update @ 1100
Looks like they have mostly fixed what was wrong somewhere.
Why did it take 2 hours and why did no one have any knowledge about it? Clearly it wasn't my modem.