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Unstable internet connection drops frequently

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Unstable internet connection drops frequently

Xfinity did not help us at all with the internet dropping. This happens every day and at any time morning, afternoon, or evening. The amount of time it drops ranges from one minute to ten minutes. Wifi will show connected but cannot load anything and all Zoom meeting, webinars, streaming, etc will stop and kick you off.


After spending hours trying to get to an actual person to explain the issue they did everything possible to avoid scheduling a technician to come out. Once I did get a person from customer service she had me unplug the modem and wait for them to do a diagnostic to determine if the issue was on our end or theirs and she said it showed an issue on their end. Finally, I was able to get the technician out however he couldn't find anything wrong because he showed that the modem was connected - ugh! They just don't understand or refuse to. My conclusion from this very frustrating circumstance is that Xfinity (Comcast) does not care about their customers nor the service they provide. If anyone has found a solution to this issue please let me know. The technician recommended that I purchase the Netgear Orbi Tr-Band Mesh system but I don't believe another piece of equipment inside the house is going to fix an issue that is clearly with Xfinity itself. Work and school productivity suffer and I'm not receiving the service that we pay for.


Re: Unstable internet connection drops frequently

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