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Turning off public hotspot

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Turning off public hotspot

I recently switched fron an Arris TM822 telephony modem to an Arris TG1682tg modem set in bridge mode running my own router. I have tried several times to turn off the "guest" hotspot both from the app and my computer. When I hit turn off on the app, it grays out, but when I close the app and reopen, it's back on again. On the computer, when I log into my account and hit the "turn off" button,  next to guest wifi, after a few seconds, a window pops up saying somethin has gone wrong, try again later. Have tried several different times for 2 days, and I get the same thing. Otherwise, my connection , wireless network etc. are working fine. Do they not allow you to disable this any longer, or do they want you to have to call them to do it, and just get frustrated and leave it on? 

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Re: Turning off public hotspot

Had mine disabled on the XB6 for some time. If the xFi app and the xFi portal (on the Xfinity home page) don't work, did you try in your MyAccount settings? EDIT ...I see you logged in, disregard that.

Sign in on this page:


If that doesn't work, then yes call in.


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Re: Turning off public hotspot

I have always used an aftermarket cable modem router.  I'm partial to Netgear. 

When I got X1, this page let you set the hotspot off, but it is now disabled.


This page says that if your device doesn't support the hotspot, you won't see an option to turn it off.  That is not correct, because I was able to turn mine off when I first got my X1.


But, to find out if you are sporting a visible hotspot, go to the map on this page (very bottom of the page) and check your neighborhood.


Personally, I MAC address lock my router, so theoretically it is not broadcasting a hotspot, and it does not show up on the map.  


You can check who is connected on this website - it may let you disconnect people:


And finally, I use an app on my phone that shows me all the devices on my Network and how they are connected.  If I log into a xfinity hotspot, my computer no longer shows up on the device list on my network.  


That's the best I can do, and I'm fairly sure that I've managed to disable the Hot-Spot.  

Good Luck


Re: Turning off public hotspot

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