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T3 and T4 timeouts, and no internet

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T3 and T4 timeouts, and no internet

I had internet outage in the afternoons (1:00-5:00pm) for 2-3 days and now it is totally gone.

Modem had T3 and T4 timeouts, and upstream power level increases to (up to) 57 dBmV.

I tried to connect my modem directly to the cable from pole, with a brand new modem, reboot both them many times. Nothing changes.

Comcast website shows “problem detected”, but if I run restart modem process, it ends up with “everything seems ok”....

Anyone has other suggestions about what could I try next or how could I get data from CMTS? Or other service provider we may be able to choose other than Comcast. 😞

Thanks. 🙂

Re: T3 and T4 timeouts, and no internet

Get a tech out to investigate. Bear in mind that if the premises facing techs can not find or fix a problem at your home, it is they who are responsible for escalating it to their line / network / maintenance dept. techs. The problem may lie beyond your home in the local neighborhood infrastructure somewhere but it is their S.O.P. to start at the home. Good luck !

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