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T3 Errors since October 2019 nothing being done

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T3 Errors since October 2019 nothing being done

I have had consistent T3 Errors since October of 2019. In that time I have reached out to customer service more times than I can count. The answer is always the same...everything looks good on our end... I know, it is an intermittent issue with the connection coming from upstream noise resetting my modem. I have tried explaining that and no one wants to fix the problem. 


The line from the pole to the house has been replaced. The line from the box to my modem has been replaced. The techs have checked the modem itself and found no issue. One tech finally did a good job and checked at the pole and found the signal was inconsistent and going crazy. He replaced the tap just to be sure, but found that it did not help as well. I was finally contacted by a supervisor and he sent someone out, but nothing was ever resolved. They admitted it was an issue originating at the main hub, but that it could take a week or more to find the problem. That's fine, I just want it fixed right, so I don't have to reset my modem 4 or 5 times a day at minimum.  


Any help to resolve this issue would be amazing. 


Thank you