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Switching back to Comcast after 1.5 years.

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Switching back to Comcast after 1.5 years.

Had comcast for ~16 years then moved into a new house 1.5 years ago so wanted to try something different.  Went with ATT/DTV.   Now I am switching back to comcast but never had it at my current house.  Anyway....


They only offer a max of 200Mbps down.  A little slower than ATT but I think it'll be OK.  


ATT provided two Airties "mesh" devices because wifi wouldn't reach all over the house.  Will these devices work with the Xfi gateway/router that will be installed next week????  With ATT I have great signal throughout.


At my old house I used a combination of two routers to give me good wifi signal throughout the house.  I didn't liek that because I had two SSIDs.  The new house is three stories so I am not sure the best approach if the Airties do not work.  I want to have one main SSID that works thoughout just like ATT does now.


I'm a little worried about the 1TB cap.  If I use theor box and netflix, etc does that count against my cap?


Any other thoughts on a new service that I might need to be aware of?