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Static IP's inside my home (LAN) NOT outside (WAN)

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Static IP's inside my home (LAN) NOT outside (WAN)

I have set my Xfi router to use IP's above for DHCP. I try to set an ubuntu laptop server that is running an internal webserver to a static address. Lets say for example. The unbuntu server is fine. However when Imake the change in the Xfi router by changing the device to static IP the the Xfi router it says:


Reserved IP Address is not in valid range: ~


That range is the designated DHCP range. This makes no sense to me. Can anyone tell me what is happening? Thanks.




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Re: Static IP's inside my home (LAN) NOT outside (WAN)

It seems you have to a make a choice , static ips and reserved ips fall into 2 different ip pools, static ips you configure manually from ips not in the dhcp ip range, reserved ips are ips that fall within the dhcp range, your error shows your trying to assign a ip  as reserved  outside of the dhcp range