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Someone had connected to my network

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Someone had connected to my network

How is it that I’m getting notifications of devices I don’t own that is connecting to my network? How could they possibly get my password to connect to my gateway?  This is crazy!!!!  I don’t even own an Xbox or a windows computer and they are connected to my gateway! Ugh! I’m paying for someone else internet use.  I got a notification that My data has reached its limit already and that’s when I checked and there’s like five devices that I don’t have that are connected to my network/gateway!  Someone please help me! 

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Re: Someone had connected to my network

If they're connected via wi-fi, try changing the passphrase.  (And make it good.)  If you have kids, make sure they are not sharing the information.  Unfortunately, if you put it on a kid's device, and someone else has access to the device, they can easily get it.


Are you running moca by any chance?