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Slow Speeds

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Slow Speeds

I have been having speed issues. We pay for 1GB download speed from Comcast. We have Arris Surfboard S33 for a modem and Asus RTAX82U for the router. We have Cat8 cables connecting our 2 Xbox Series X consoles and connecting the modem to the router. We have been testing the speeds on the 2 Xboxs and a Microsoft Surface Pro 7.  

We get about 900mbps when testing on WiFi, but hard-wired we only get about 300-400mbps. It is very inconsistent, and the speeds are all over the place.  

In November we got Comcast installed – they had to run all new wires and put a new box on the side of the house since Comcast was never installed here before. We had no issues with our internet speed from then until this month.  

On January 7th there was an outage in our area. We had a tech come out on January 9th and said that the tech that did the install did not install the services properly. He said he weatherized the box and added a filter on the line and that should resolve the issue. It did not. We had another tech come out a week later. He was at our house for about 3 hours. He said there was an issue at the NODE and the NODE needed to be replaced. He created a ticket with maintenance. Maintenance came out and tested everything. They upgraded the box at the pole and added more ports, since the whole street was only running off about 2 ports. So, they changed it so every customer has their own port. That did not resolve the issue.  

We had a supervisor come out and they stated the amp needed to be rebuilt, but when maintenance came out and tested the speeds, they stated we were getting 900 on their meter test, so they did not rebuild the amp.  

We had the supervisor come out again this morning. He tested everything with his meter and stated he is getting 900mbps on the meter at the pole, outside the house, and from our modem. He believes we are getting the services we should be, but we don’t get those speeds when we hard-wire a device into the router or modem.  

We looked online everywhere. The only solution I saw was that someone else had the same issue where the meter shows the right speed, but any other device can’t get those speeds. They stated something at the NODE needed to be adjusted. I suggested this to the supervisor, and he said they tested the NODE and everything already and it seemed fine.  

We tried 3 different modems, 2 different routers, different ports, different ethernet cables, 2 xboxs, our computer. All the speed tests come back the same. WiFi we get 900mbps and hard-wired from the modem and router come back about 200-300mbps. Sometimes the speed with go up to 600mbps and then slowly go down to 200-300mbps by the time the speed test stops. We tried different speed tests sites as well. We tried to reboot and reset the modems and routers. We turned jumbo on and off, we have QOS off. We tried to speed test with a fresh reset with no settings changed. The supervisor brought his own Comcast modem, and computer and got the same results as ours.  

Does anyone have any solution or explanation for how this could be happening or what to do to resolve it? Please let me know if any other information would be helpful to assist.