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Setting up MOca Network

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Setting up MOca Network

If you don't feel like reading too much please skip to the end to final two paragraphs...


I currently have my Cisco DPC3941T modem (MOca enabled) set up downstairs...But I need to get wired internet in my upstairs bedroom.  Running an ethernet cable from my modem all the way to the room in question is not ideal due distance.  So i started researching MOca.  I looked in to purchasing an Aciontec WCB6200Q MOca Extender...however after purchasing, I learned that none of the coax ports in my house are live....When Comcast did my initial setup, for whatever reason, they were not able to tap in to current coax system in my house.  They just drilled through my exterior wall, fed the coax along the baseboards, and then went straight to the modem/cable box.  They even dressed the hole where the coax comes in with a wall plate to make it look like a legit coax outlet.  Fun times!  So my current setup is as follows: 


Comcast Entry Cable -> Moca Filter - > Splitter -> Coax cable in to house -> splitter ->  Modem / Cable Box


Based on the proximity of the upstairs room to where the exterior cable housing is, it would actually be easier to mimic what comcast did with my current connection and just run a second coax cable directly in to the room through an exterior wall as opposed to running ethernet cable from the modem. 


My question is this:  can i run a second coax cable from the splitter outside (which is connected to the Comcast Entry cable) directly to the Aciontec WCB6200Q Extender? Or does there need to be some sort of buffer in between that allows commucation with the modem? I spoke to a comcast tech, and he told me that connecting the extender directly to the outside splitter would not work because i can only have one modem set up at a time and i could potentially have signal problems  However, to my understanding, the aciontec is not a modem... its is just extending the internet signal from my current modem.  I am not convinced that the tech was 100% familiar setting  up MOca networks because he kept telling me that MOca does not distrubute Internet signal, only video content...


so my proposed set up would be this:


Comcast Entry Cable-> Moca Filter -> Splitter -> Coax Cable 1 connected to Cisco DPC3941T modem (MOca compatible) and cable box  /  Coax Cable 2 connected directly to Aciontec WCB6200Q MOca Extender.  Will this work?