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Service Speeds and Personal Equipment

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Service Speeds and Personal Equipment

The other day, an Xfinity rep called and offered to double my internet speed from 300 to 600 (download) for a few bucks more.
I have my own equipment and my modem wouldn't be able to accept the speed increase. Technically it can since it is rated for 683mbps, but Xfinity has limited it to 387mbps. I don't know. Arris SB6183.
So I was willing to get a new modem. A Netgear CM600 or 700, approved by Xfinity to handle speeds of over 900mbps and I wouldn't have to spend a lot. Still 3.0 DOCSIS modems however.
The rep then told me that in order to get the new speed, I had to rent an Xfinity modem. The speed package is not available if you have personal equipment.

Is this true? Anyone run into this?

Thank you.

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Re: Service Speeds and Personal Equipment

Hey i'm having the same issue.  I got the Netgear nighthawk c7100v router/modem combo and it's rated at 1700 mbps.  So far they're having someone come take alook at my house since they can't troubleshoot the issue.  The netgear person also said my power is out of range and should be between -7 - +7 dbmV.  let me know if you decided to go with the new xfinity modem.  I'm curious if that's what i should do as well.