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Senior in need

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Senior in need

I live in Maryland, and am a first responder and we got service for our mom.
For almost 2 months my home has been without internet service.
First it was the laptop
on June 2 20, then on June 29/20 it was the computer. Today it became the Kindle.
I have called XFINITY on 12 occasions when I have time, but as Covid runs rampart in our communities I am tasked to help others.
XFINITY claims that they are protecting staff however, what are the CDC guidelines for?
I am a loyal customer who needs help. School is starting soon and we do not know which program we will be using but we do need out laptops and computers.
So here is an ultimatum.
Either someone either contacts me and schedules a tech to come out to our home before our next bill becomes due or we will move on without any further payments.

Seniors should never have to go through this when retired.