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SB8200 Signal levels good/bad? Gigabit speeds only 200

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SB8200 Signal levels good/bad? Gigabit speeds only 200

I recently upgraded to gigabit service and noticed I am only getting 200 down. There is one channel with a really high corrected count. Can anyone help me with this problem? Modem: SB8200

Acquire Downstream Channel459000000 HzLocked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
Configuration FileOK 
DOCSIS Network Access EnabledAllowed 

Downstream Bonded Channels
Channel IDLock StatusModulationFrequencyPowerSNR/MERCorrectedUncorrectables
6LockedQAM256459000000 Hz1.6 dBmV40.5 dB00
7LockedQAM256465000000 Hz1.5 dBmV40.6 dB00
8LockedQAM256471000000 Hz1.3 dBmV40.7 dB00
9LockedQAM256477000000 Hz1.3 dBmV40.8 dB00
10LockedQAM256483000000 Hz1.2 dBmV40.8 dB00
11LockedQAM256489000000 Hz0.8 dBmV40.7 dB00
12LockedQAM256495000000 Hz0.7 dBmV40.4 dB00
13LockedQAM256519000000 Hz0.8 dBmV40.6 dB00
14LockedQAM256525000000 Hz0.7 dBmV40.6 dB00
15LockedQAM256531000000 Hz0.6 dBmV40.6 dB00
16LockedQAM256537000000 Hz0.5 dBmV40.6 dB00
17LockedQAM256543000000 Hz0.5 dBmV40.5 dB10
18LockedQAM256549000000 Hz0.3 dBmV40.4 dB00
19LockedQAM256555000000 Hz0.2 dBmV40.3 dB00
20LockedQAM256561000000 Hz0.2 dBmV40.0 dB00
21LockedQAM256567000000 Hz0.3 dBmV40.3 dB00
22LockedQAM256573000000 Hz0.3 dBmV40.2 dB00
23LockedQAM256579000000 Hz0.1 dBmV39.9 dB00
24LockedQAM256585000000 Hz-0.1 dBmV39.7 dB10
25LockedOther690000000 Hz-0.5 dBmV36.0 dB35695919020
26Not LockedQAM2560 Hz0.0 dBmV40.0 dB00
27LockedQAM256591000000 Hz0.1 dBmV39.8 dB00
28LockedQAM256597000000 Hz0.0 dBmV39.5 dB00
29LockedQAM256603000000 Hz-0.3 dBmV39.4 dB00
30LockedQAM256609000000 Hz-0.3 dBmV39.1 dB00
31LockedQAM256615000000 Hz-0.2 dBmV39.3 dB00
32LockedQAM256621000000 Hz-0.3 dBmV39.4 dB00
33LockedQAM256627000000 Hz-0.3 dBmV39.4 dB00
34LockedQAM256633000000 Hz-0.3 dBmV39.3 dB20
35LockedQAM256639000000 Hz-0.4 dBmV39.3 dB00
36LockedQAM256645000000 Hz-0.3 dBmV39.1 dB00
37LockedQAM256651000000 Hz-0.5 dBmV39.0 dB00

Upstream Bonded Channels
ChannelChannel IDLock StatusUS Channel TypeFrequencyWidthPower
12LockedSC-QAM Upstream23700000 Hz6400000 Hz38.0 dBmV
23LockedSC-QAM Upstream30100000 Hz6400000 Hz39.0 dBmV
34LockedSC-QAM Upstream36500000 Hz6400000 Hz39.0 dBmV