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SB8200 Link Aggregation with RAX200 Race Condition

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SB8200 Link Aggregation with RAX200 Race Condition

I just purchased the RAX200 and have configured it for link aggregation with the SB8200.  When running properly I achieve download speeds of 1.2 Gigs.  Every 24 hours or so the download speeds go to 3 or 4 Megs.  If I unplug one of the ethernet cables the speed goes back to 950 Megs or so.  I can then plug in the cable I had disconnected and get back to the 1.2 Gig speeds. 


My guess is that this is caused by a race condition. The RAX200 is showing that more than 4 Billion packets have been receiveed in 24 hours but very few packets have been transmitted. 


Any thoughts on how to correct this?

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Re: SB8200 Link Aggregation with RAX200 Race Condition

Enabling LAG on your modem without a 2nd IP address will actually degrade your performance. Configured properly, your overall speed will see a slight increase, the biggest difference will be seen in overall bandwidth. Rather than using 1 port for both inbound and outbound traffic, properly configured and enabled LAG will use one port for inbound traffic, and the items for outbound traffic. (This is NOT an expert answer, but rather my understanding after researching the topic with my modem manufacturer and router manufacturer, along with information gleaned from online forums). In any case, I hope it's helpful.