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Router Keeps Dropping Connection

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Router Keeps Dropping Connection

Since the beginning of May, my router continuously drops connection 3-4 times a day. The only thing that fixes it is unplugging the router power cord from the outlet and replugging it in after 15-20 seconds.  Is my router going bad? Right now I'm connected but it's totally random when it happens. Why all of a sudden would this start happening? It never has done this before. 


Re: Router Keeps Dropping Connection

I've had this problem since February.  I've had 4 technicians out.  Numerous phone calls.  Maybe it's infected with Coronavirus.  Yesterday, they buried the phone lines. They think it's a network problem. I've had X1 for a couple of years, pretty much problem free.  Now, it's several times a day. 


Sorry I don't have an answer but if and when this gets solved, I will post.