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Rodents chewing on cables

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Rodents chewing on cables

We've been having issues with our service (not just our home, but many other neighbors). We've had multiple unplanned outages impacting >2,500 people (per Xfinity's outage map).


We had a tech come to our house a week ago to set up a new TV box since we thought the old TV box was the cause of our issues. The tech also did a perimeter check and found a cable (coax?) was chewed by rodents. He replaced it (cut off chewed part and then connected a scr*w onto it). We checked this week, and there looks to be new chewing on the cable! 

**FYI Comcast won't let me post the word "scr-w" b/c it's a "bad" word lol)


Shouldn't comcast have buried the cable or used sort of protective cover? The cable goes from below our house's foundation to somewhere else. We put some electrical tape over the chew marks, but we're unsure how to proceed. The Xfinity technician recommended using rat poison, but that's dangerous to kids, pets, and wildlife. We put out traps, but no luck. We're not sure what's damaging the cables (I've read online it could be rodents, squirrels, rabbits). 


Shouldn't Comcast bury the cable or protect it in some way (cable cover?) so we don't need to call Comcast every week??

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Poor connectivity/slow internet

We had a Comcast technician stop by last week to set up a new TV box. As a courtesy, he also checked our wifi. However, he said we had 4 instead of 2... Not sure what he was referencing, but he "fixed" something. Now our interent is slower and devices (ipads, iphones) have a harder time connecting to wifi/keeping connected. It's so bad, I just turn off wifi altogether on my phone.


I checked the wifi settings on the admin gateway and on the xfi app, but i can't see what he changed. Is there a way I can fix this issue without having to contact Comcast? Last week, I was on the phone with them for >6hrs!!! Would really like to avoid having to deal with Customer Service if I can just fix a setting via online or mobile app.


Appreciate your insight!