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Recent Excessive internet data usage via Xfinity

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Recent Excessive internet data usage via Xfinity

I have read many posts regarding exsorbant data usage/increases recently in this forum. I too an a victim of such nefarious activity. I usually average 50 gigs per month, but NOT recently. Per xfinity's app "xFi" which has feature to monitor ur data usage,  I went from my average of 50 gigs in July, 168 gigs August, to 1133 gigs in September 2019 (respectively).  I have NOT changed my online activities (no steaming, down-loads, nothing new/different, period)! So, as one can see, something is blatantly out-of-wack. I mean MAJOR! And yes, I have placed numerous technical calls with Comcast recently regarding this excessive data usage issue. After my 4th call contacting Comcast, CSA dept. rep., Denny., this tech was the first Comcast employee to fess-up and inform me that "oh don't worry, don't be upset" there is an issue in your area due to the recent disasters! Ah, okay? And how does this effect my bogus data usage increases? Answer = we're working on it. BTW I reside in Sonoma County. 

There are many blogs/posts relating to the extreme xfinty/Comcast/unexplained data increases as of Year 2019. After researching this problematic issue with my cable/internet Svc, I have learned that "we" xfinity/Comcast customers that have fallen victim to this "odd" or possible fraudulent practice via our current cable provider, we should contact out "local franchise authorities" I have done just that. Please, I mean, please contact them. LET THEM KNOW what is/has been taking place and how you WILL NOT tolerate this anymore. It is my opinion/belief that xfinty/Comcast is doing this to us for a reason. Nefarious activity? Way to gauge us for every 50 gigs over the 1024 months limit? Perhaps! BTW - I have learned that the so called "two-free" months over limit in one colander year really means only two times over the 1024. This is what I read. Watch Your next Comcast cable bill!


After contacting Xfinty/Comcast first and attempting to resolve this issue, please then report this/your issue with your Local Franchise Authority. Doing this will hopefully deter Comcast or any cable/internet provider from doing this in the future. Hope this helps you. Best: Soon to be X-Comcast customer.