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Reasonable data cap

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Reasonable data cap

I pay for high speed internet but what is the point of having high speed internet if I can't use it? 1.2TB of data in a month is not near enough.  I just got a text saying I am at 90% of my cap and it is only 19 days into the month. My sons and I play video games and these days games are downloaded.  Two weekends ago my son and I each installed a single game that required a 150GB download.  That is 25% of my data cap in 2 downloads.  On my phone I have to make sure I update the apps and download audio books when I am out of my house because if I use my own wifi I will have to pay extra for it.  As it stands I am supposed to pay $60 to download those 2 games. 


This is rediculous and I am not going to tolerate it.  I don't run servers out of my house or do anything out of the ordinary.  We play video games and stream TV.  That's it. 


And don't give me any of this nonsense about how I should pay another $50/mo on top of my $100/mo for unlimited data or how only a small percentage of customers use more than 1.2TB of data.  That's like selling someone a gym membership but when someone wants to use the membership 5 days per week you tell them they need to pay more because you really prefer making the same amount of money from people who only go a couple of days per month.  I am so tired of this.