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Re: Xfinity issue with Zoom “connection unstable”

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Re: Xfinity issue with Zoom “connection unstable”

Yes I had the same issue yesterday 2/12/2p21 I had a Zoom meeting and was not able to

complete my PowerPoint 2010 presentation because I was disconnected about 6 times and my

colleague had only 1 hour for the meeting. He invited me to join the Zoom meeting and yes I had a code. Your only single chocie to fix this is a cold boot.

It was very embarrassing and this is not the 1st time this has happened. I have 12 Gigs of RAM and I am hard wired with a CAT 6 RJ45 connection from my moden to my HP PC I get about an average of 800-875 Mbps and 35-45 Mbps. I can run my connection using a VPN but in this case I did not.

Someone needs to work out the bugs causing the Freeze in the security, connection, PowerPoint? The constant freezing is unacceptable? What is the cause as I also have the 1G service using the XB7 Modem.

Symptom is My screen freezes and I have to cold boot and one of the 6 cold boots my Windows 8.1 version decided to run an update as I was rebooting so I could not reconnect until I waited for the updates to load.

I had been asked by Windows 8.1 earlier prior to the Zoom meeting, would you like to update now and of course I said no wait until tomorrow and of course it ignored me and uploaded at the most inoportune moment.

In the end I had to discuss my thoughts with my new colleague with no ppt presentation as I do believe it was the PowerPoint 2010 version 14.0.7265.5000 may not play well with Zooms communication app? Anyone have any suggestions or solutions? Please post here.

Thanks in advance!