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Re: Website Load Time Issues On Random Sites (Especially GoDaddy Hosted)

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Re: Website Load Time Issues On Random Sites (Especially GoDaddy Hosted)

Glad I found this thread but somewhat concerned that since March, I've not seen any resolution or identification of the root cause posted.  😞


My club (based in SF Bay Area) is having horrendous issues with a web site's response time and it's not hosted with GoDaddy.  It's hosted with a hoster in Toronto Wild Apricot.  Routine tasks take 10X+ time they should due to timeout errors and having to constantly reload pages. (Or sometimes we simply can't access them.)  I'm using the provider's recommended browser (Chrome) in incognito mode and clear browing data frequently, to no avail.


Similar to a previous poster, I tried accessing the site via my mobile phone (T-Mobile) as a hotspot and did not experience one error.   I own my own Gateway (model is Comcast certified compatible) so not using xFi Advanced Security.  I'm using another third party security solution and the latency issues persist with real-time virus scanning disabled.


I have an open case with Wild Apricot but thus have not received a response from an appropriate level technician.  At their request, I enabled logging in Chrome and sent them numerous logs (with and without scanning disabled). 


I'll open a case with Comcast but if anyone has any other info leading toward a resolution, I'm all ears.