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Re: NEW "Gigabit" service. Upload Speed has gone down

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Re: NEW "Gigabit" service. Upload Speed has gone down

I am having this problem too. I noticed the day the tech came out and spent 10 minutes to reset my modem (which I could have done) and then charged me $90. I have a Netgear CM700 as my Gateway and an Orbi router. The router is speced for download speeds up to 500Mpbs so I know I am not going to get my full 900Mpbs on the download, but the upload went from 12Mpbs to a consistent 6Mpbs.


I am a graphic designer and need the higher upload speeds. My old plan with Boost was giving me a consistant download speed between 178 to 215Mpbs and upload speeds of 12Mpbs. I know my modem is a couple years old, but I should at least get what I had before. This plan is costing me $25 more a month than what I was paying before and when I am working off of my company's server remotely it is sometimes unusuable. I also notice uploading to Box, Dropbox, or one of my other Cloud Services seems to be taking a lot longer.


I am hardwired to the Orbi router and thech said that could be the problem, but honestly I don't buy it because my older plan was connected the same way upload speeds were still around 12Mpbs.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.