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Re: Multiple Dynamic IPs from Comast

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Re: Multiple Dynamic IPs from Comast

I need help hear aswell. I have an aries surfboard with duel ethernet ports, I am trying to team but need a second ip. I see it can be done but people on the phone say no

Re: Multiple Dynamic IPs from Comast

First, check the "Rate Card" for your local area to see if that feature is even available anymore. Seems that it is being phased out;


It's a PDF.

Scroll down to "Xfinity Internet" and look for "Additional IP Addresses".


If nothing is listed then it's likely to have been discontinued in your local market area.


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Re: Multiple Dynamic IPs from Comast

If you're teaming then multiple ports show as a single virtual port and only get 1 IP.  


I have my setup with a MB8600 and 2 cables from there to my machine with LACP configured... Depending on how you have things setup you might have to add a delay statement of 3-5 seconds to prevent the system from not getting the same IP and requiring a reboot of the modem to get a new IP for the alternate MAC the modem is seeing as up first.


##Outside WAN##
auto enp2s0f0
iface enp2s0f0 inet manual
bond-master bo0
auto enp2s0f1
iface enp2s0f1 inet manual
pre-up sleep 5  ##causes a 5 second delay at boot for the CM/MAC binding to be consistent
bond-master bo0