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Re: Intermittent spouts of high packet loss.

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Re: Intermittent spouts of high packet loss.

I have an almost identical issue.  PingPlotter looks similar except that my issue only seems to be there from 7 PM to 7 AM.  I'm able to gett 900 Mbps down even during the issue from speedtest.  It doesnt' seem to impact much for the rest of the family except for me on gaming with Rocket League, which pretty much packet loss ruins the game experience.


It seems only gamers would notice this kind of thing.  I've called for weeks now and they want to check my lines etc.  But not sure why they would need to if I'm getting 900 down and  zero packet loss within my network.  The packet loss start just after my local network.


I've talked to friends in different parts of the country and on different netoworks and many seem to be having this issue this year.  Maybe as streaming and Netflix have gone super mainstream the networks can't handle?  The fact that the issue shows up mainly at night for me, impies that.  


But even late late night the issue is still there after I'm sure the network speed usage went down, after 3 am etc.  PingPlotter shows it clearly.  I have no idea what to do and who to call for help.  Tech support just wants to keep rebooting things and checking lines.  Again 900 Mbps down shows I'm fine, it's more of a quality of the internet connection thing (i.e there is packet loss) vs a speed issue.

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Re: Intermittent spouts of high packet loss.

Hello, morecowbell! I'm glad you reached out here about your connection quality. We understand how important that is especially when it comes to fast-paced games. I would love to take a closer look and see what we can do to improve your experience.  Please send me a private message with your first and last name so I can assist. 


 To send a private message, click my name "ComcastTambrey", then click "send a message".

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