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Re: Data Harvesting



I have been noticing a serious degradation in response on a newly rebulit Win10 laptop. Tried monitoring everything from that end then looked at the source, xfi router. The logs showed on glaring thing:


Harvester StartRadioTrafficHarvesting


Now multiple people have commented on this.


Does anyone know why this is taking up bandwidth? A worm in the xfi routers? 


I'm about to put the router into ipV6 and put everything through a device I can get full logs from.

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Re: Data Harvesting

First guess would be that it is what supplies and updates the data you see when you click any of the device names here:

That can only come from your router.


Re: Data Harvesting

"Harvester StartRadioTrafficHarvesting" is a normal background function of the device. It is not malware.


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