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Re: Connection Drops Throughout the day

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Re: Connection Drops Throughout the day

Mine too.  Replaced modem/activated yesterday just in case.   I have log for yesterday and today with Xfinity Speed Test results (Mbps), I pay for 300 Mbps: 

07/07/2020: 10:42 Total Dropout, 10:43 5.4Mbps, 10:44 0.0 Mbps, 10:45 4.5Mbps, 10:47 1.6Mbps, ...10:54 14.7 Mbps.

07/08/2020: 11:39 Service totally down., 11:40 116.5 Mbps, 12:11 82.5 Mbps, 12:19 350.6 Mbps, 13:10 70.4 Mbps, 13:16 Complete Failure, 13:20 354.6 Mbps, 14:01 88.7 Mbps, 14:18 Total Failure,  14:19 355.7 Mbps, 14:48 Total Failure, 14:50 66.6 Mbps.

Modem lights "normal" in all cases.   Total Failure = disruptively non-responsive to point of web pages timing out.    Difficult to attend to work under these conditions.




Re: Connection Drops Throughout the day

Start here;



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