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Random disconnects over games?

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Random disconnects over games?

Hi there. Recently I moved to a different address and got myself hooked up with gigabit xfinity service for my roommate and I. The speeds I'm getting are phenominal and I'm impressed!

However I have 2 main games I play. Leauge of Legends and PuBG. Midgame on LoL I'm experiencing moments where my character stops moving, I cannot type, cast abilities, etc. then everything kinda freezes in place for 10-15s while I'm met with am "attempting to reconnect". Then afterwards I reconnect in game like nothing happened. However on PuBG I'm not able to get into a single game, like at all. On that game I get a connection timeout error 6.5.8. What's weird is my roommate doesn't experience any lag on his end for being wireless but then again he doesn't play these games I do.

-restarting computer many times
-restarting the modem/router
-replacing my ethernet cable with a new one (I'm hardwired onto my PC)
-talking to Xfinity about this over the phone + even having a technician coming out to investigate the issue
-updating the games. As well as uninstalling and reinstalling both
-reaching out to Riot Games (League of Legends support) and all they have told me is simple non helpful tips like "trying disabling your firewall, update your windows, get a better pc" 

If anyone knows of a fix that would fix my issue I would very much appreciate it. Been dealing with this for the past 3 weeks and would love to enjoy my games.