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Quicken downloads

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Quicken downloads

Xfinity sent me their latest modum,Arris model #TG1682G . I installed it around 1?5/21, ever since doing so I have NOT been able to download Quicken quotes. The download window open and quickly closes with no actual quotes recorded. I have contacted Quicken techs on several occassions to no avail.

I have deleted,re-installed,updated,renamed the folder and downloaded quicken patches (which I can download) and still it won't update my quotes like I have for years.

 I have also contacted Xfinity automated help ,since I can't get live help because of covid. My modum has been reset and tested but the problem persists.                                                                                 

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Re: Quicken downloads

I doubt if the modem has anything to do with it. Quicken did have a recent update that caused alot of problems.