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Question about service transfer

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Question about service transfer

I requested service transfer. I'm moving out of my old place to new place on 19th, so I asked for service cancellation on my place on 19th, and service start on new place on 19th.


However, I need internet access 24/7, so I'm a bit worried if that's gonna be the case.


Does it mean I will be able to use internet service on my old place until END OF DAY on 19th, and I will be able to use internet service in my new place at BEGINNING OF 19th? Because that's what I need. 


The only date I can pick is 19th or later for start of new service in my new place, so I cannot make it any earlier than that.

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Re: Question about service transfer

Take your modem from new place to old place, see if it locks in and then activate it. How sure are you that the new place has live Comcast. Without that knowledge, there’s no guarantee of uninterrupted service, it’s not plug and play.

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