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Problems with XB7

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Problems with XB7

I recently switched from my own modem + Nest WiFi to XB7, mostly for unlimited data (regularly going over limit as a family of six doing remote school/work) which is cheaper when using XB7 than as an add-on to own modem.


At first, I was using XB7 in bridge mode as just a modem and continued to use Nest WiFi. More recently, I've decided to give XB7 a shot for WiFi too thinking I could simplify my setup (and maybe benefit a bit from WiFi 6) but have run into the following issues:


  • No devices (including Hubs, Minis, or 3rd party) showing up in Google Home app except Ethernet-connected Chromecast built into Vizio TV even though all showing connected to XB7 via Xfinity app

  • Wemo devices blinking and not available via Wemo app (but schedules still working) even though all showing connected to XB7

  • WiFi-connected Apple TV no longer showing up on AirPlay list of devices (Ethernet-connected one still shows up) even though showing connected to XB7

  • HP printer no longer showing up as an option via AirPrint even though showing connected to the XB7

Searching through forums, I've tried these (in conjunction with multiple XB7 restarts) but they were unsuccessful:


  • Disabling Advanced Security

  • Enabling Zero Config

  • Turning off 5GHz band

The one thing I haven't tried is turning off 5GHz ax but that defeats the purpose of benefitting from WiFi 6 (and doesn't seem to always fix the issues)


I thought I'd check here to see if anyone else had any solutions here before I go back to Nest WiFi (unless there's a compelling argument to use XB7 which justifies continued troubleshooting efforts)